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Is Meditation Dangerous - The Dangers of Meditation

Is Meditation Dangerous?

I think it’s generally recognized that meditation has some wonderful health benefits and there is nothing inherently harmful about meditation. But like anything that leaves you feeling really good it is open to abuse. During meditation a lot of people feel an overwhelming sense of joy rising and permeating their whole body. It feels like they’re floating and like every single cell is tingling with electricity. This is …

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My wife likes chicken, I like fish – which one of us is right?

It’s a good question right! We should probably argue about that for hours. Getting upset and calling each other nasty names. Acting like we’re superior to each other and that the other person is wrong. Of course not. That would be silly. It really is a matter of personal preference. There is no right or …

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Enlightenment Tip - Look at the space

Enlightenment Tip – Look at the Space, not the Thing

For those of you jumping into the subject of Enlightenment for the first time, simply put, Enlightenment is the point where the mind loses all control over you and you are able to use the mind like a tool rather than letting it be the master. You don’t become one with the universe, you are the universe. It’s much deeper than that, but lets keep it simple. The process usually starts with the “understanding” that you are not your body and not your mind. At first, this understanding may be completely faith based because you read it somewhere, or stumbled upon a Youtube video that sounded interesting. But through a careful process of meditation and playing games with the mind, you will experience phenomena that seem to back this claim up.

Mr Rogers - Enlightened Master

Mr. Rogers

Enlightened Master? I recently watched the Mr. Rogers movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, starring Tom Hanks. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly encourage you to break out the pop corn and fire up whatever streaming service you prefer. It is a truly remarkable movie about a wonderful human being. I’m from …

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