Meditation Coaching (Personal & Family)

If you’re not able to attend one of Mat’s many workshops or speaking tours, or if you prefer a more intimate experience where you can receive one-on-one meditation coaching and get answers to your specific questions, then Mat is available for personal and small group sessions.

Sessions can be tailored to your particular interest or area of inquiry. Whether you’re wondering if meditation can help with your particular problems, trying to figure out how to stop your mind and find that peace Mat is always talking about, just getting started with meditation and want to learn quickly, or been meditating for years but are feeling a little stuck.

Some popular topics we can suggest;

  • Personal Coaching – By the Hour
  • Personal Boot Camp – get the basics right for success
  • Total Health & Happiness Workshop
  • Learn Unconditional Love – supercharge your life
  • Learn Mindfulness – silence your mind
  • Executive Coaching – learn to use mindfulness and meditation in business

Mat is available for both Zoom sessions and in-person.

For more information or to schedule a session, please contact Mat directly

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