Learn how to be Happy (FREE Workshop)

Learn how to be Happy (FREE Workshop)


March 3    
7:00 pm - 7:45 pm

In this FREE workshop you’ll learn the key elements of what makes you unhappy and the tools you need to become happy no matter what.

FREE Happiness Workshop

  • I’ll teach you the reason why your mind thinks things should be different.
  • I’ll teach you why I think your mind talks to you.
  • You’ll learn the purpose of meditation in stress relief and happiness.
  • You’ll learn how to practice mindfulness to prevent stress forming.
  • You’ll learn how unconditional love can silence your mind.

This is a foundation class that teaches you the basics of being happy, that you can then go away and practice entirely on your own. The theory is easy. The lessons are easy. The happiness is real and lasts a lifetime.

So get your wallet out and sign up for this FREE class. Simply sign up for my newsletter to receive the ZOOM login information right to your inbox each week.

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If you’re worried about me bombarding you with spam, then please understand that I’m a human too and I am not okay with spam either. I promise I won’t abuse your email or your privacy.

I have been teaching these lessons for a long time, but I still get such a kick out of seeing people realize that they can control their reactions to the world and can choose unconditional love and happiness as their default response. It never grows old for me. So yes, I’m being selfish when I offer these classes for free because I get so much out of it 🙂

If on the off chance you do want to support me, then my book, “Understanding Happiness ~ pocket companion workbook” is available on Amazon.


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