Understanding Happiness: 10 Reasons to get a copy

Here are 10 reasons why you should get a copy of “Understanding Happiness ~Pocket Companion Workbook”, and not just because you know me and you feel obligated šŸ™‚

10 reasons why you should get a copy of this book about understanding happiness,
Learn to be happy by understanding why your mind makes you unhappy.
Learn techniques to observe your mind in action so you can see the stories that undermine your happiness
Learn techniques to remain in the present moment with a silent mind.
Learn how to experience unconditional love and apply it to your everyday life.
Learn to love life. Learn to love yourself
Worksheets to help you understand your own mind.
Suggested daily routine to help incorporate your new happiness skills into your daily life
Short and sweet. At only 80 pages, this is not an intimidating book. But that's what makes it powerful and practical.
It won't break the bank and cause you more stress.
Because you're worth it. Because you've struggled enough. Because you deserve to be happy.
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Understanding Happiness - find out why you should get a copy of this book
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