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This is the newest, most exciting meditation blog on the planet!
Well, maybe the newest at least.

The thing about being the “newest meditation blog” and the “best meditation blog” is that both of those things will change. Soon it will tend towards the “oldest“. And soon, it may lose the distinction, “best“. But as change is inevitable and nothing lasts forever, lets explore the aging and downward spiral of this blog together.

Please enjoy this lighthearted look at Life, Spirituality and Enlightenment.

Meditation Peace Happiness

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Harriman - Sterling Forest

Winter Hiking

Harriman State Park – Sterling Forest State Park This video is less about spirituality but…

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Mr Rogers - Enlightened Master

Mr. Rogers

Enlightened Master? I recently watched the Mr. Rogers movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”,…

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Hello world!

Hello World. Hello Universe. So technically this is my first blog post. I have tons…

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