Beat Cancer with Unconditional Love

In this article, I discuss how you can beat cancer with unconditional love. It’s so easy to practice but will transform your body chemistry into such a healthy state that the cancer doesn’t stand a chance.

How to Beat Cancer with Unconditional Love
How to Beat Cancer with Unconditional Love
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How to Beat Cancer with Unconditional Love

It’s a sad fact that so many people are diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. Almost 1 in 3 people are affected in their lifetime. So as I’m sitting here on a plane right now writing this in a row with 6 seats, two of us will get cancer at some point in our lives.

The good news is that many forms of cancer are curable these days thanks to the tremendous medicines and therapies that have been developed to help in the fight. But we should not overlook the fact that our bodies also have their own phenomenal ability to heal. We just need to give ourselves the chance to let it do its thing.

In this article I’m going to explain the importance of practicing unconditional love as a way to help in your fight against cancer. But not only that, how unconditional love can radically change your entire experience of life going forward.

I do want to point out that, even though putting your body into a state of healing and thriving through unconditional love, I’m not suggesting that you avoid traditional therapies, but rather, use it as another tool in your arsenal. Sadly, like more mainstream western medicine, there’s no guarantee that unconditional love will beat your cancer, but it’s something you can practice easily, 24 hours a day, so there’s really nothing to lose by giving it a try.

And even if you ultimately succumb to the disease, you will be able to live out your remaining time in an incredible state of peace.

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What is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional Love is a little misunderstood. It’s not an outward display of affection towards others, but rather an inner state of peace and non-judgment that silences your mind and transforms your body chemistry into a healthy state, where everything runs optimally, healing occurs and miracles happen.

Our minds have a tremendous ability to visualize the future. We close our eyes and picture something and we can feel every sensation we want to. If I imagine myself walking on a beach, I can feel the sand pressing against my feet, I can feel the warmth of the sun, I can hear the waves crashing on the shore and I can smell the seaweed. It’s incredibly powerful. It’s like our own built in virtual reality where we decide what we want to experience.

But the downside to this is that our bodies respond to what we’re imagining in a similar way to if we were actually there. If I imagine eating a lemon, my mouth will start watering. If I imagine driving really fast around a tight bend, my muscles will tense slightly to counter the motion.

If I imagine getting into an argument with someone, my body will produce adrenaline. This is the mechanism that gets us into a state where our body is getting ready to respond to a threat. The adrenaline and cortisol have the effect of shutting down many of our basic functions to allow the energy to be used to avoid the threat. Your heart speeds up, your breathing quickens, your digestion stops, and your body releases sugar into your bloodstream to provide fuel for your muscles and to feed your hungry brain which is now on high alert.

In our modern social environment, our minds perceive many threats that are in fact, not really threatening to us. But our primitive mind still does its thing regardless. We are bathed almost constantly in a trickle of these harmful chemicals.

Unconditional love on the other hand is what happens when our mind feels safe. When our mind says that, “all is good”, our bodies release wonderful hormones that allow your body to heal and thrive. They change your body chemistry into a positive state where all your bodily functions operate optimally.

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How Can Unconditional Love Beat Cancer?

It should be fairly clear by now, that unconditional love simply puts your body into a state where, instead of preparing to defend against a perceived threat, it can use that energy to seek out and fight the cancer. It allows your digestive system to operate more thoroughly so you extract the most nutrition from the foods you eat and get rid of as many waste products and toxins as possible.

Your organs and muscles are not taxed because they can operate at more subdued levels. Your heart doesn’t beat as fast, your brain doesn’t need to consume as much energy. All of which allow your body to fight cancer naturally.

In addition, practicing unconditional love prevents stress from building up in your body in the first place. Anybody that has been diagnosed with cancer will tell you, that the worry, anxiety, uncertainty on top of all the doctors appointments, endless online researching, attending support groups, the dread of passing the news on to loved ones, is incredibly stressful. It’s quite literally the last thing you need to expose your body to when you’re trying to fight.

So remaining in a state of inner peace, flooding your body with healthy hormones, where you’re unfazed by anything, you are giving yourself the best fighting chance and also giving your medicine and therapies the best chance too.

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How to Practice Unconditional Love to Beat Cancer

So if the constant trickle of adrenaline is bad for us, how do we turn off the flow and stop our mind perceiving everything as a threat?

It’s quite simple actually. Most of our responses and reactions to our physical world experiences are default reactions we have learned over our lifetime. With some simple visualization techniques we can learn to reprogram these responses.

Earlier I mentioned that if you picture yourself eating a lemon, your mouth will start watering, and if you imagine getting into an argument with someone, your body would produce small amounts of adrenaline, well, we’re going to use that same technique to make unconditional love our default.

Here’s a link to a longer article about “How to Practice Unconditional Love“, but here’s the technique in a nutshell.

Find a quiet room and just sit for a few minutes with your eyes closed. Relax your body as much as you can. Then when you’re ready, picture something you love unconditionally. It could be a family member, a really good friend, a pet or even a location or hobby. Just something you love that always makes you feel happy. Just visualize this in as much detail as you can. The sights, sounds, smells. All of it.

Once you’ve got that image in your mind and you can make it as real as possible, now move your awareness within your body and feel what’s going on. Somewhere in your chest, you should feel a wonderful warm sensation that feels like warm honey radiating outwards. Focus on this feeling and try to make it grow.

That’s unconditional love. You’re feeling your body release all those healthy hormones that will help you fight your cancer.

Now open your eyes and slowly look around your surroundings. Each object your eyes settle on, try to feel that same warm fuzzy feeling towards it. Fall in love with your TV. Fall in love with your plant, or a candle, or a table lamp. Whatever you see, just feel love towards it. If the feeling fades, then just close your eyes and go back to your original scenario until the feeling comes back.

You can practice this for as long as you want, and if you’re currently fighting cancer, then I would recommend doing this as often and for as long as you are able. Just the feeling alone will fill you with energy and hope.

But to take it to the next level, you should build the skill by going out for a gentle walk if you are able, and try to feel unconditional love towards everything you see. It’s a little bit harder outside because you have less control over what you see and experience. If you find it difficult, don’t get discouraged, you can always practice more in the comfort of your living room where you’re surrounding by things you love.

Dealing with the outside world is difficult, but you should notice that when your mind reacts negatively to things automatically, you have the ability to override those feelings with unconditional love as soon as you notice.

That should also demonstrate to you, that your mind has control over how your body reacts, but you have control over how your mind reacts in the first place. By practicing unconditional love, you are taking back control and telling your mind that you don’t need it to judge things as being good or bad, because you already pre-judged everything as simply being love.

It’s incredibly powerful stuff, and your mind will slowly become more silent as it judges and criticizes the world less and less. 

Over time, unconditional love will become your default reaction to everything.

Your cancer doesn’t stand a chance. You will be unstoppable.

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Healing your Whole Body not Just the Cancer

It’s really important to understand this point. This is sometimes where people go wrong when they try to use mind over matter and their willpower to heal themselves.

When you use unconditional love, you are simply putting your entire body into a natural state where it can heal itself. You’re not actively targeting the cancer directly. In fact, you’re in love with the cancer in the same way that you’re practicing unconditional love towards everything.

Your body knows how to fight cancer and it knows where the cancer cells are. Just let it do its thing without trying to direct it. Remember, your thoughts have power over your body, so thinking of where the cancer is or trying to visualize getting rid of it, you’re actually giving it power. And unless you are incredibly good at controlling your thoughts, you can actually do more harm.

With unconditional love, you don’t have to worry about that. You’re just creating a super healthy environment for yourself, healing your entire body at the same time.

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Unconditional Love isn’t Working

Even if your cancer is still progressing, practicing unconditional love still has many benefits.

By not getting wrapped up in the drama created by your mind, hopefully, you are able to enjoy every moment you have left with the people you love. Unconditional love gives you great presence. You’re fully engaged with the world and not focused on what your mind is telling you.

The inner peace you feel will have a wonderful effect on your family members who are along on this journey with you too.

Sometimes, the realization that the end is coming can actually be a great relief for many. No more pain No more bills. No more worries. Once you reach this state of acceptance, there’s no need to worry anymore. When you stop worrying, your mind becomes at peace, further putting you into a state of healing. Miracles do happen, and this is very often when the magic occurs. At the point of submission.

There’s no point planning for the future and there’s no point dwelling on the past. The only thing left for you to do is to be present. Your mind may become silent and for once in your life you are released from all the chaos and drama of your mind.

To know this peace is a blessing and is all I can wish for you.

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My Cancer is Gone Now What?

If you are given the news that your cancer has gone, congratulations. That’s wonderful news.

The best news however is that you don’t have to stop practicing unconditional love. Once you’ve learned this skill, just keep doing it for the rest of your life. It’s transformative and life changing.

I would encourage you to teach other people what you learned or share this website with other people you think might benefit.

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Summary – Use Unconditional Love to Beat Cancer

Unconditional love is so easy to learn. Of course, it may be difficult to master, but it is so powerful and immediate, that I’d love to be able to teach the skill to everyone whether they have cancer or not.

It has the power to truly transform every aspect of your life and allow us to grow as a society and species.

Be healthy, be well.

Mat Robinson
~The Gregarious Hermit

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