Coaching, Guidance & Support

There are several ways that you can get involved with sharing the information in this website or making use of Mat’s knowledge.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Meditation Coaching, Mindfulness Coaching & Enlightenment Advice

Whether you’re curious about meditation, a total newbie with questions, a seasoned pro stuck in limbo or a serious seeker on your journey to enlightenment, Mat can help coach you down the path.

There’s a lot of information out there and equally a lot of misinformation that might be holding you back.

Just jumping on a quick Zoom call with Mat can really help get you started, get you unstuck or help you break down the door.

Contact Mat to let him know what you need help with and to schedule a one-time or multi session zoom meeting.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Guest Speaker / Workshops

Have a church group, yoga studio, college group or retreat and need a guest speaker to fill the time? Or would you like to run a workshop for a group of people?

Mat can tailor his presentation to your specific group. Whether that’s centered on basic practical mindfulness and meditation techniques, advanced techniques, enlightenment discussion or spiritual practice.

Contact Mat to find out his availability and to see whether he’d be perfect for your program.

Meditation Peace Happiness

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