Roaming Books

What is a “roaming” book?

As a fun way to spread the message in my book I am allowing a number of my first edition prints to spread their own wings and fly the hermitage.

The books are left in random places around the world, and people are encouraged to hold on to them for as long as they like, read them and then leave them in another random location for the next person to find.

When people find a book, they can check in to let me know where it is, and you can also check to see where they’ve been on their journey.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Book Journeys

Check out where these little books have been. Which one will be the first to make it out of the state? Which one out of the country and the continent? Elon Musk/NASA – space maybe???

12/28/2023 – Found a nice and cozy little nest at the "Coed Park Little Free Library", 2-6 Coed Ln, Stony Brook NY

12/28/2023 – Left the hermitage
12/28/2023 – Found a beautiful home in the Wood Avenue, FREE Little Library in Trumbull, Connecticut.

12/13/2023 – Left the hermitage
12/13/2023 – Made its way out to Long Island, NY and made a little nest at Brenda's Books - Smithtown, New York
Roaming Book 7 bringing happiness to Rockaway, NJ
1/3/2024 - The name's Bond......James Bond!!!
1/3/2024 - Lucky book #7 made its way to "The Little Joys Library" on Flagge Street in Rockaway, NJ.

1/5/24 - The book has escaped the hermitage and is now free to unleash happiness on the world. Last seen at 3 Brooklawn Drive, Morris Plains, NJ.

3/10/24 - Dropped this little book on a recent trip down to Asheville in North Carolina. This one took up residence at Neo’s Library, 48 Wellington Dr, Asheville, NC.

3/11/24 - This little book took a road trip down to North Carolina and found a cool little roost at the
Book Nook on Darcy 195 Edgewood Rd., Asheville, NC
Meditation Peace Happiness

Found a book?

Tell me more.

I love to hear where these little books end up on their journey. I’m genuinely curious to see just how far they will go. So please, don’t keep me guessing, fill out the form below and let me know. Or if you prefer to send me an email with a photograph of the book on its travels, email me directly at

NOTE – I will definitely use your feedback to keep evolving my message, especially as I work on, “the BIG book”, and my speaking tour. But if you write something that I think could be useful for other people, I’d also like to include those comments on my website. So please don’t leave your social security number embedded in a really nice comment.

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