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Mindfulness Meditation Coach - Denville, NJ

I Love What I Do

Call me selfish, but I absolutely love helping people overcome obstacles on their journey. The thrill of seeing you break through the things that are holding you back never gets old. Whether that’s helping you remove stress and find inner peace through meditation, silence your mind with mindfulness, overcome illness by changing the way you think, or simply showing you how to see the joy in everything.

Sometimes, the things preventing you from flourishing are so tiny that you don’t even notice what they are. They’re like tiny pebbles in your shoe that grab your attention so much that you don’t see the beauty of the world laid out before you. Together we can explore and uncover those blockages and create a plan tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle.

Mindfulness Meditation Coach - Denville, NJ

I want to transform people, not just teach them how to relax

What I teach will have a profound effect on your life and health! You won’t just be able to relax at the end of a stressful day, but you’ll be able to move through the world without generating stress in the first place. You will become immune to what life throws at you. Anxiety, depression, anger will simply dissolve, and your relationships with others will change for the better. Your life and health will flourish in ways you never expected.

Meditation Peace Happiness

My Style of Coaching

Being flexible and compassionate is the cornerstone of living a stress-free life. My coaching style is no different.

We are all unique. We come from different backgrounds, we learn in different ways and have different things going on in our life. I will give lessons suited to your goals, guide you in a way that is flexible to your circumstances, and encourage you as you implement the changes and apply them to your own life.

Working with a coach is a very personal thing that requires open and honest dialogue. Open dialogue with me as your coach, but more importantly, honest dialogue with yourself. When you start to process and start to unravel your Karma, you may find yourself on a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride. I will be there with you every step of the way to help guide you through as the process unfolds.

Persistence, consistency and reinforcement are key – I’ve got you!!!

There are no shortcuts to making changes in your life. I can guide you on your journey and show you the path, but you are the one that needs to start walking. The exercises and techniques I teach are simple, easy to do, and don’t take much time, but you need to commit to doing the work consistently, every day. Together we will devise a plan that works with your current lifestyle. But despite being compassionate and patient, I will hold you accountable in our weekly meetings to make sure you remain focused.

All coaching and packages include an initial discovery session to define the right path for you. Each teaching session is followed up with a brief meeting to answer any specific questions that come up during your own practice and help to steer future lessons.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Coaching Packages

The Total Transformation Program
3 Months

The Total Transformation Program is a 12 week, whole-being exercise where you will go from stressed to refreshed. You’ll experience a different side of your being that you never knew existed. You’ll learn 12 different meditation techniques, mindfulness, and unconditional love in weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with Mat. You’ll also explore the nature of your thoughts, understand how they hold you back and reprogram them. You’ll learn to heal yourself from within and will learn to tap into your higher consciousness.

What you get

  • 12 weekly 1:1 coaching sessions
  • 12 weekly 1:1 follow up review meetings
  • Progress check-ins
  • Access to all live workshops and presentations
  • Signed copy of “Understanding Happiness”
  • Wooden bead intention bracelet made by me

All weekly coaching sessions last an hour. Follow up review meetings are 15 minutes. Progress check-ins keep you accountable and can be as simple as a text or email. You will undergo significant changes throughout this program where consistency, reassurance and reinforcement are key. I’m here for you!!!

Start your transformation today!!!


Single Session
(just the one)

Want to dip your toe in the water. Need a refresher or help with a specific topic. Or you’re not sure working with Mat will be cool, then try a single session.

No frills. No follow ups. No check-ins. Just the session, and that’s it.


1 Month Coaching
(4 weeks)

4 weeks of 1:1 mentoring, includes 4 weekly coaching sessions; 4 weekly follow up review meetings; progress check-ins.

Great for learning and incorporating a new skill into your life.


3 Months Coaching
(12 weeks)

12 weeks of 1:1 mentoring, includes 12 weekly coaching sessions; 12 weekly follow up review meetings; progress check-ins.

Best for implementing significant changes where consistency and reinforcement are key.


Coaching sessions last an hour. Follow up review meetings are 15 minutes. Progress check-ins keep you accountable and can be as simple as a text or email.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Personal Coaching is Available For

Here are just some of the many ways that I can help you;

  • Personal meditation coaching to remove stress and find the inner peace you deserve….more
  • Mindfulness lessons to become more present and silence your mind….more
  • Learn unconditional love to experience the natural joy that resides within all of us….more
  • Explore and unravel the stories your mind tells you that are holding you back….more
  • Learn to reprogram habits that sabotage your success….more
  • Discover how to use your mind to heal your body….more
  • Help guide you through the difficulties of spiritual awakenings….more
  • Access the potential of higher ways of thinking….more
  • plus many more areas of life and spirituality…..
Meditation Peace Happiness

Personal Meditation Coach

Whether you’re just looking for an effective way to release daily stress, want to understand your mind or even attain enlightenment, a personal meditation coach will be able to steer you in the right direction.

Meditation has been used for thousands of years and for many different reasons. It also has different meanings to different people. It is fundamentally very simple, but at the same time, can be incredibly frustrating and difficult to master.

Let’s find your inner peace together

Whatever level you meditate at, first timer or seasoned veteran, I always start with the basics to make sure the foundations are solid. Setting up your environment, removing the inner distractions and then systematically removing stress. If that’s all you achieve in your meditation practice, you will improve your life and health greatly.

Only once we have that part of your practice established do we then move on to the difficulties of the mind. We are all built differently, so I teach a variety of different meditation techniques that will flex your mind in different ways. Once we find something that works, we’ll fine tune it for better effect.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Personal Mindfulness Coach

Mindfulness is an incredibly powerful tool. By being vigilant and keeping your awareness in the present, your mind will naturally fall silent. But only if it’s done correctly. Otherwise it can be just as frustrating as meditation.

We need to set the foundation for a strong mindfulness practice. This involves taking baby steps to learn the techniques in a very controlled way. Building from there until your can remain present for your entire life.

A silent mind is the most wonderful gift

As a mindfulness coach, it’s my job to hold your hand through this process and make sure you are following the procedure properly. It’s also my job to walk alongside you through the frustration, refining your technique until you can walk on your own.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Learn Unconditional Love

Don’t be fooled. Unconditional love is not weak or wimpy. It’s a simple practice that can be learned in your own living room and easily applied throughout your daily activities.

You will quickly see that unconditional love does not change the physical world around you but it does unlock a natural joy that resides within all of us.

Unconditional Love transforms your every experience of the world

This natural joy is where meditation and mindfulness take you, but this technique takes the short cut right to the finish line and makes you immune to anything that life can throw at you. It’s also key to revolutionizing your health.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Explore Your Mind

Ever wondered what the conversations in your head mean? This deep dive will allow you to unlock past experiences and finally understand what the stories in your head are telling you and how they’re holding you back.

Your mind is reactive. It is defensive and it’s always looking for problems. Unfortunately, our modern world is full of things that are potential problems. This leads to an almost continuous stream of thoughts. Once we study those thoughts, we can often see the event in our life that started that stream of consciousness. That’s when the magic happens and you can start to dissolve the karma that is impacting your life.

Explore your mind. Unlock your life.

Once you understand how the blockages form and understand how to track down their origins, you will be able to burn your way through one limiting thought after another.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Reprogram Your Habits

Habits are streams of consciousness that have become so routine that they have taken root in the physical world. They keep us stuck in a loop where we are no longer present or conscious of our acts. Some habits are so destructive that they sabotage our ability to succeed and be happy. Even though we know they’re doing harm, we are still drawn to them.

Remove the Karma and watch the habit dissolve

Together we will analyze the habits and see how we can alter them in such a way that they dissolve on their own.

We will use a combination of techniques to alter the trigger conditions and change how we view the habit.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Use your mind to heal

Our minds and bodies are intertwined on a fundamental level and how you think has a direct effect on your body. Just visualize eating a lemon and you’ll see what I mean.

We can use this simple connection to our advantage. Our bodies have phenomenal healing abilities built in. They’re always fighting for us behind the scenes. But when we’re stressed or run down, we prevent our bodies from doing their thing.

Your health is the most precious asset you possess

Using your mind to heal your body uses multiple strategies. We start by learning to release the stress and put our bodies into a healthy state. We then use unconditional love to release a constant stream of healthy hormones into our bodies that allow them to heal and thrive. We learn to use certain language to avoid giving power back to illness. Instead we focus on healing.

We can also learn specific visualizations to send energy and healing to where it’s needed.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Spiritual Awakening Guidance

Spiritual awakenings are rarely straightforward. Your mind still wants to cling to the past and will start to wrestle with where you’re heading. You’ll be excited to share your experience, but you’ll find they react differently than you imagined. You won’t relate to old friends and can’t understand why they complain about the things they do. Work and money might seem meaningless all of a sudden. Your health might suffer. At times you might feel like you’re going mad. The world as you knew it got tipped upside down and you no longer recognize anything. Welcome to a spiritual awakening my friend.

Plain and simple, it’s good to have a guide through this process. Someone who can help you navigate the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows. You may feel like you want to just go back to the way things were, but there’s a reason you had the awakening and there’s no easy way to go back.

Spiritual awakenings are miraculous but usually there’s a catch

My own awakening was no different. It rocked my world and I couldn’t relate to anyone. I had no patience for the petty drama. It didn’t make sense. But over time there is acceptance and you learn to grow into this new way of being, and that’s when you start to see the miracle.

Let me help guide you through the difficulties of a spiritual awakening. I know I wish I’d asked for help.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Access higher ways of thinking

Have you ever noticed how solutions to complex problems and eureka moments usually come when you’re in the shower or when you’re stuck in traffic. You may have been struggling to solve a difficult problem all day long, but then the answer comes to you when you’re not even thinking about it.

This is your higher consciousness. You already know the answer, you just need to access it.

Think smarter not harder

This way of thinking takes a lot to let go and just trust in the process, but whether you’re an engineer, a scientist or the CEO of a fortune 500 company, accessing this higher level of thinking takes a lot of the hard work out of decision making and problem solving.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Plus many more areas of life and spirituality…..

If I haven’t mentioned something specific that you are looking for coaching or guidance about, you are still welcome to reach out to see if it’s something I can help with. The world I live in is vast and complex, way too vast and complex to list everything in a broad set of bullet points.

Meditation Peace Happiness


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