Corporate Wellness – How to Create Happy, Stress-Free Employees

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Stress in the workplace is one of the biggest long term physical health risks to professionals in the workplace. But interestingly, our egos create one of the biggest hindrances to an efficient and happy workforce.

All businesses can benefit greatly by incorporating some sort of stress relief and stress prevention through mindfulness and meditation programs.

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A Happy Workforce Can Move Mountains

Imagine an environment where employees feel safe and respected. Where they don’t need to keep score against each other. Where ideas are shared and discussed freely without fear of judgement. If people feel like they have to constantly defend their ideas or intellect, they tend to play their cards close to their chest. Keep their best ideas to themselves and often work to undermine fellow employees instead of lifting everyone up as a whole.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Happy workers….

  • are healthier.
  • are loyal with higher retention rates.
  • are productive with less procrastination.
  • help each other and work better as a team.
  • are less stressed with lower burnout and fatigue.

I love to work with companies to provide “lunch and learn” activities, employee workshops, executive workshops or presentations that can fundamentally change the culture to a more harmonious and caring nature.

Higher retention rates linked to happiness

I meditate because I went through a very stressful experience running a business, raising a family, struggling to pay bills etc. I didn’t find meditation – meditation found me. And it has completely revolutionized every aspect of my life.

My experience was very spiritual in nature, but I like to keep my presentations firmly in the practical benefits of meditation. Such as improved health. Better focus. Less stress and anxiety. Improved social relationships. Better conflict resolution. Less procrastination and improved decision making.

Better focus leads to clearer thinking and better decisions

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness are huge and don’t necessarily have to take much time in people’s busy lives.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Here are just a few ways I can help.

  • Weekly meditations for employees to release stress safely
  • One-off lunch & learn programs to teach the practical benefits of meditation and mindfulness
  • Longer meditation workshops to provide employees the tools to eliminate stress
  • Guest speaking at corporate retreats
  • Executive coaching – benefits of using mindfulness & meditation in the workplace
  • Consulting – incorporate mindfulness & meditation into corporate culture

Contact Mat to discuss how his teachings can supercharge your corporate culture.

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