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Helping hermits and other gregarious people transform their life and health through happiness!!!

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Happiness is optional unless you’ve read my book, in which case, happiness will be your default and depression a thing of the past.

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POP Meditation Series

Stressed, depressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

Want to learn how to meditate? Want to find out more about mindfulness? Want to discover a deep inner peace and natural joy?

Join me, in-person, for a weekly Meditation and Mindfulness Series held at the
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
10 Knoll Drive, Rockaway, NJ

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Be Happy Now!!!

Not next week, or next year, or when you get a bigger house, a faster car, a promotion, a pay rise, or perfect partner……

Stop deferring your happiness.
Be Happy Now!!!

The philosophy is simple, the techniques for achieving happiness are also simple. You just have to do them that’s all. That’s the hardest part, is committing some time each day to learn and practice the techniques.

The Core Tools for Happiness & Health

These 3 simple things have been taught for thousands of years, and for very good reason. They seem to be more important these days in our social landscape where we are surrounded by images of perfect houses, perfect families, perfect lifestyles. Most of which are out of reach for the average person, but our psyches still pick up on the fact that they appear better than what we currently have, and subconsciously, this makes us unhappy.

Use these 3 simple tools, mindfulness, meditation and unconditional love, to observe your mind, observe your body and then reprogram your life.

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Meditation Peace Happiness
Meditation - the correct way to meditate


Meditation allows you to observe the nature of the mind and to quickly realize you have no direct control over it. Simple breathing and focus combined with deep relaxation release all stress from the body and allow you to find a deep inner peace.

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Meditation Peace Happiness
Mindfulness - easiest way to learn mindfulness


Mindfulness allows you to observe your body and the physical world. You’ll see the subtle processes going on in your body and observe how your mind drives these sensations. You’ll improve your focus, reduce procrastination and experience the simple and natural joy that fills your body when you become present.

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Meditation Peace Happiness
Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

By practicing mindfulness and meditation, you’ll start to observe the chemical changes within your body in response to your thoughts. You’ll easily see the difference between love and fear. One is warm and fuzzy and promotes healing and optimal health. The other is sharp and jagged and causes real damage to your body. With unconditional love, you stop that part of your mind that judges the world and creates the negative response in your body. These negative reactions do not change your physical circumstances one little bit. Unconditional love is not weak or submissive, but you override your default negative reactions, silence your mind and transform your health and your life.

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Want to Master Meditation?

Take my FREE, self paced Meditation Boot Camp tutorial. It teaches you;

  • Why your mind evolved the way it did
  • How your mind keeps you trapped
  • How your lifestyle gives your mind power
  • When and where to meditate
  • How to sit comfortably
  • How to physically relax
  • How to breathe properly
  • How to follow the breath
  • How to mentally relax
  • How to meditate

Notice meditation is the last thing on the list. Basically it teaches the core fundamentals of meditation that a lot of people skip, and those are the parts that enable you to succeed with meditation.

Get the basics right and you create a solid foundation for a lifelong meditation practice.

The Daily Minute - Mindfulness meditations for busy people - click here to view my daily YouTube mindfulness meditation series

“The Daily Minute”

Mindfulness Meditations for Busy People

Meditation Peace Happiness

Mindfulness isn’t as easy as you may think. Challenge yourself to see if you can remain intently focused and your mind silent for one whole minute.

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Meditation Peace Happiness

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Meditation Peace Happiness

“As wood decays, it does not disappear.
It is simply transformed into another living thing.”

Ageing, decaying wood – life gets more texture as time passes

We tend to think of something dying as the “end”. But long before the tree falls, it is slowly being taken apart by fungus and mold.

Atom by atom it is transformed into another living being.

At what point does the tree stop being a tree? Is it when the last leaf falls to the ground? When the branches fall off? Or when the trunk finally falls during a storm?

Philosophical Hermit

When does a raindrop stop being a raindrop and become the ocean?

OK. Enough brain teasers for now. Good questions to contemplate while walking in the woods. So I encourage you to get out there and walk in the woods.

I’ll add more interesting things to this website when I figure out how websites work.

Enjoy the Journey

Meditation Peace Happiness
Rave about the hermit and share the joy
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