I like to call mindfulness, the street fighting, hoodie wearing version of meditation.

By comparison, meditation wears a tuxedo. It’s a formal practice, often with a dedicated space. You have to eliminate distractions and you have to carve out time to practice at the start and finish of each day for however long you can stand to sit with your legs crossed.

Mindfulness on the other hand, hustles 24 hours a day, turning everyday experiences into pure joy. Nobody will know you’re practicing it, but when you get good, everyone will notice something different about you.

For the majority of our evolution, our existence has relied on being present in the physical world. Looking out for predators, hunting, gathering, building things, chopping firewood etc. Except for a few ancient scholars, most people lived in a physical world and only recently have our lives shifted towards relying on our mental abilities for basic day to day living.

Using our minds more and more is incredible. We can build cars, go to the moon, and the pinnacle of our evolution, design iPhones.

But using our minds more and more has meant that we find it harder and harder to turn them off when we don’t need them.

Mindfulness is the deliberate act of focusing so intently on the physical aspects of our lives that we slowly draw our awareness away from our minds and back into our bodies and the world around us.

When we do this completely, we can find ourselves experiencing a completely silent mind and an unimaginable joy that simply rises out of nowhere. When we replace grumbling and complaining about tasks with silence, we find that even the most taxing or mundane of jobs become a real joy.

Mindfulness can liberate you from the negativity of your mind.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Learning Mindfulness

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Meditation Peace Happiness

Mindfulness Blog Posts

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Meditation Peace Happiness
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