Does Meditation Work?

Does meditation work

Does meditation work? Yes. Here endeth today’s lesson. Joking of course. Like many things, it’s not quite so simple. First of all. What do you mean by, “Does meditation work?” Meditation was traditionally practiced thousands of years ago to understand our place in the universe. To free ourselves from our minds. Seek liberation from suffering …

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Simple Meditation Techniques

Simple Meditation Techniques

Just wanted to give a quick update. I started adding video versions of my popular simple meditation techniques. Once I get a little more fluid with video, I’ll start to add some more variety as well as some more advanced meditation techniques. Until then, I just added the following meditations; Simple technique, with extra focus …

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Is Meditation Dangerous?

Is Meditation Dangerous - The Dangers of Meditation

In this article we ask the question, “is meditation dangerous”, and talk about some of the things to watch out for if you start meditating to solve larger life problems. Don’t worry. There’s nothing too scary but just things to be careful of. I think it’s generally recognized that meditation has some wonderful health benefits and there is nothing inherently …

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Find Your Center

Find your center

We hear that expression a lot in yoga, meditation and spirituality. But what exactly does it mean? What is your center and how do you find it? What is your “center”? We’re not talking about your nearest holistic yoga center. We’re not talking about the center of our galaxy or the universe. We’re talking about …

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Meditation Boot Camp

The boot camp is an in-depth look at meditation. Rather than just jumping right into meditation, I feel it really helps to have a good understanding of the nature of the mind and why we meditate in the first place. If you don’t fully understand the reasons why, then you will just be sitting in an uncomfortable posture with your eyes closed, wondering what’s for dinner, or when that new movie comes out.

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