Meditation Boot Camp

Last night I just put the finishing touches to the Meditation Boot Camp.

“The Mailbox of Liberation”

Thank you to everyone that saw the first few pages over a week ago and have been waiting patiently ever since.

The art of not needing to be in control

Care Free Hermit

The boot camp is an in-depth look at meditation. Rather than just jumping right into meditation, I feel it really helps to have a good understanding of the nature of the mind and why we meditate in the first place.

If you don’t fully understand the reasons why, then you will just be sitting in an uncomfortable posture with your eyes closed, wondering what’s for dinner, or when that new movie comes out.

If you already meditate, it might just turbo charge your efforts and help you push through some barriers if you’re in a rut, on a plateau, getting frustrated and any other metaphor you can think of that means you’re not finding it fruitful.

If you’ve never meditated before. It might be a little heavy on the reading, but trust me, it is worth spending time on day one getting the basics dialed in. It will set you on the right path for a lifelong fulfilling experience with meditation.

Either way, it’s guaranteed to change your life if you allow it.

Small Print – The FREE boot camp is non-refundable. Life changing is not guaranteed. Enlightenment may or may not be achievable according to the surgeon general. Contravenes state of California proposition 65 warnings.

Witty Hermit

If you don’t understand a section. Try reading it again until you find the waters getting clearer.

Let me know if something is still unclear and I’ll try to explain it differently to clarify.

But as with meditation. Don’t rush. Be gentle. Learn and embody the lesson before moving on to the next section.

Meditation is a lifelong process of transformation. You can’t just undo the work your mind has done instantly (well, you can, but that’s rare and a topic for another future post – spontaneous enlightenment).

For some people, it takes just a few years of daily study to achieve an almost constant stillness. But for most people it maybe several lifetimes. But if you’re reading this now, you have already started the process of transformation and it will just keep moving right along and drag you with it.

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Click here to get started with the Meditation Boot Camp

P.S. – if you don’t know what the “Mailbox of Liberation” is all about, you’ll have to read the boot camp to find out.

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