Let “IT” Go

OK, so after a wonderful start setting up my website and getting some good feedback, I spent the rest of the week breaking it.

My second blog post is already a Rant!!!
Is this what the internet does to people?


I’m usually fairly good at fixing technical problems, but the more I tinkered under the hood, the worse things seemed to get. I undid all the good work I did early on.

Very frustrating.

So after almost a week of chasing problems and creating problems, I eventually reset everything back to the way it was and just came to peace with it.

Sometimes you have to do that. Just let it go. In this case. Just let I.T. go.

Did you see what I did there. IT. Technical problem. Anyway, moving right along.

I have become quite good at handling stress. Recognizing that it is nothing more than the mind expecting things to be different than what they really are.

I can’t solve the problem I’m having with the website. It’s obviously going to take some more time. But my mind sees the difference between what IS and what it WANTS it to be as a problem.

In reality………it’s not a problem.

Even being able to recognize that fact and ignore it, sometimes, the frustration still arises. When emotions rise quickly, you’re not always able to catch them right away and your mind will drag you into the story.

Usually you only notice when the frustration has a physical effect on the body. Tension. Stress. Feeling of energy. Then you catch it and go…….., “Ahhhhhh, sneaky ego at it again. Dragging me into an unnecessary story about how much better the website could be. You’re a loser, you can’t even figure out this simple IT problem.”

Meditation Peace Happiness

Sneaky Mind

Meditating definitely helps you to recognize the affect sooner and stop it in its tracks. But the mind is sneaky, and if you don’t pay attention, it will suck you in.

At the end of the day, my IT problem with the website was merely aesthetic. It doesn’t change the content or the message. So I wasted a week trying to fix something that was of little consequence.

So finally accepting “what is” allowed any and all stress to dissipate and allowed me to move on with the real purpose of the website.

The nuisance problem can wait. Perfection can take a back seat for a while.

How does an artist know when he has made the last brush stroke?
There’s no finish line to cross.


Some things we can just let go. The “problem” I was trying to fix, definitely fell into that category.

Let it go. Move on.

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