Never Get Sick

Why I Never Get Sick - power of the mind

I used to get sick every year like clockwork. Until I noticed, I was accidentally telling myself to get sick on a certain date. I was giving myself permission to do it. This article describes that journey, the observations I made in myself and others, and explains why the mind has such control over our …

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Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of gratitude

I love the basic premise of that statement. I also love that it seems to have become more mainstream whether you’re a seeker or not. Having an “attitude of gratitude” is the same as seeing the glass as being half full. Optimistic. Looking at what you have and not what you don’t. But the deeper …

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A Hungry Man Only Sees Restaurants

A hungry man only sees restaurants

If your best friend was walking down a busy street towards you, you’d be able to spot them and pick them out of the sea of faces really quickly. It’s not that you don’t identify any other people, it’s just that your mind recognizes that you’ve had past interactions with them. It has a reference point. It found them in the database. Your mind is really good at this and does it so fast, you don’t even consciously notice it. But it’s a totally passive activity. You don’t go, “I’m going to keep track how many cars I see that are like mine”. Or, “I’m going to look for my friend Bob in this crowd of people.”

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