Understanding Happiness : The Book

“Understanding Happiness ~ Pocket Companion Workbook” is tackling the mental health crisis head on.

Understanding Happiness - how to be happy

“Things Should Be Different”

The simple notion that, “things should be different”, drives every single negative emotion you’ve ever felt. Each time you got angry, sad, lonely, depressed, it was because there was a desire for things to be different.

“Understanding why we experience this reaction to the world is the key to unlocking your happiness.”

This book explores how our minds evolved to keep us safe from danger by keeping a list of our personal experiences and categorizing them as good or bad for us. It also details how our minds are phenomenal problem solvers. But it also explains how these simple processes work against us in a society with almost unlimited choice and exposure to things we will never experience in real life.

With this knowledge and understanding, it will become clear why these primitive processes that are meant to keep us safe and increase our chances of survival, create wants and desires, that simply make us unhappy with what we have now.

Depression - why we're unhappy

Understanding What Makes You Unhappy is the First Step to Becoming Happy

Our minds have evolved over thousands of years, but our modern social and technological landscape has evolved so much faster.

This book describes three simple mechanisms that have kept us alive for millennia, but how those simple processes simply don’t work well anymore due to the abundant choices we experience daily.

Our minds are not broken in any way, but we are simply asking them to operate in an environment for which they were never designed.

“Flippers are perfect for snorkeling, but they make lousy dance shoes.”

Learn how your mind keeps a list of your experiences and categorizes them as good or bad, but how this list has been hijacked by TV and the internet to become a list of wants and desires that make us unhappy in the moment.

Learn how your mind solves problems, but because of our abundant choices, our minds are forced to make constant micro-decisions all day long.

Learn why, when you put these two simple survival mechanisms together, they become a recipe for unhappiness.

Learn why your mind talks to you. Or rather, why it doesn't talk to you.

Learn Why Your Mind Talks to You

This book proposes a wonderful new theory about why our minds talk to us. It’s so simple to understand and seemingly so obvious that you will undoubtedly go, “well duh”, why has nobody thought of that before.

It’s logical, it’s elegant, it’s simple. Even if it turns out not to be true, the remedies for a noisy mind shown below will still work. However, armed with this new understanding of what your mind is and what it’s doing, you’ll have the motivation and the confidence to stick to those processes even if your mind makes you feel like they’re not working 🙂

The lessons the book teaches are nothing new. They have been taught for thousands of years, but now you’ll find that they make much more sense.

Meditation – allows you to observe these primitive processes in action within yourself.

Mindfulness – allows you to regain focus on the present moment and away from your “list” and problem solving mind.

Unconditional Love – to stop comparing and judging, and ultimately silence your mind.

Learn to meditate the easy way - the easiest way to meditate

Meditation – Learn to meditate properly – Simple is better

Meditation is often misunderstood. Understanding Happiness will teach you the fundamental techniques you need to get up to speed quickly.

The focus is on releasing stress, maximizing the health benefits and observing your mind so you can see the primitive processes in action within yourself and understand the stories your mind tells you.

You’ll learn;

  • How to set up your meditation environment to remove as many external distractions as possible.
  • Easy postures that work for us stiff legged people. If you can sit comfortably and relax every muscle completely, then you remove all the internal distractions.
  • You’ll learn how to relax, relax, relax, and let the physical stress dissolve.
  • You’ll learn where to find the stillness, and how to dive into that stillness.
Mindfulness - start small, learn the skills, then apply to everyday life

Mindfulness – Start small – Change your life

Mindfulness is so powerful, but you have to learn the techniques in a controlled environment where you can limit the distractions.

Start small, learn the techniques like skills and drills in soccer training, and then learn how to apply those techniques to your everyday life.

You’ll learn;

  • The quickest way to learn through baby steps. Learning the techniques in a controlled environment.
  • Expanding those skills so you can apply them to everyday life.
  • Observe how your mind goes silent when you focus intently on the physical present moment.
  • You’ll learn the powerful benefits of mindfulness with examples how they can help with real world interactions.
Unconditional Love - see and experience the world in a whole new healthy way

Unconditional Love – Extreme Health Hacking

Unconditional Love, or as I like to call it, “extreme health hacking”, has the power to change your entire experience of the world.

It’s not weak or wimpy, it’s not an outward display of affection, you are literally changing your body chemistry to a healthy state where you are healing and thriving.

You’ll learn;

  • What is unconditional love? It’s probably not what you think.
  • How to experience it. What does it feel like? Using your mindfulness skills, you’ll be able to experience unconditional love inwardly not outwardly
  • How to apply to everyday life. Unconditional love can be practiced 24 hours a day. And nobody will know you’re doing it, but everybody will notice. By changing yourself, you inadvertently change the world around you.
  • Understand the ultimate health benefits as you put your body into a state of healing and thriving. Feel every cell tingle with life.
  • Unconditional love short circuits the part of your mind that judges, so you’ll experience a silent mind. No more drama!
Be happy now - not next week or when you get a pay rise, a bigger house, faster car. Be happy now!!!

Don’t defer your happiness – be happy NOW

Meditation Peace Happiness

Who Should Read this Book?

Everyone. If you’re a human being, you will benefit greatly from reading this book.

When you understand the powerful lessons in this book and apply the simple techniques to your daily life, you’ll be able to transform yourself from within. You will be free from the stories and drama your mind creates. You will be filled with inner peace and a joy that is indescribable in how it spontaneously rises throughout your body and makes every cell tingle. Your body will be in a state of thriving and will be able to heal and grow.

“This book tackles the mental health crisis head on”

Sadness and depression – will no longer hold you in their grip. You’ll be able to separate the story from the reality and uncover the things that are making you depressed. You’ll be able to act without second guessing yourself.

PTSD – is debilitating for those suffering from it. This book does not tackle PTSD specifically, but the core understanding of what your mind is doing and the simple tools delivered in this book will prove incredibly beneficial and help you put the trauma into perspective.

Anger – rises so quickly in the body, but by using the pre-visualization techniques outlined in this book, you’ll be able to reprogram your default reactions to things and over time, prevent anger from rising.

Loneliness – when you experience the world with unconditional love, you will no longer find loneliness to be a problem. People come and go in your life, but you will enjoy the periods when you are alone as much as when you are with other people.

Focus / Concentration – your focus and concentration will improve. You’ll be so fascinated by what you’re currently doing instead of living in the virtual world of your mind, thinking of things you’d rather be doing. Even tasks you might not normally enjoy, now you will find a rising sense of joy as you focus on the minute details of each sensation.

Productivity – your productivity will improve because you will simply do things instead of getting wrapped up in the stories in your head.

Procrastination – will no longer grip you. There is simply action and doing rather than thinking and complaining. You won’t be paralyzed by inaction and overthinking.

Relationships – you will have much more meaningful relationships with people all the way from those closest and dear to you to people you wouldn’t normally want to hang out with. You’ll be present in your interactions, you’ll engage with people more openly, you’ll listen to them more closely and understand where they are coming from. You’ll be able to see how their mind controls their reactions too.

Anxiety – with your improved focus and presence, you won’t even know you’re supposed to be feeling anxious about the future. You’ll still be able to plan and prepare but you won’t worry.

Frustration – when you are able to remain in the present, things simply are what they are, the frustration of wanting things to be different simply doesn’t happen. And if it does, you’ll understand the primitive processes that cause those feelings and be able to ignore them.

Pain Relief – very often, we are focused on what our mind is telling us rather than what’s actually going on. If you feel discomfort or pain, if you use your new mindfulness skills to study the pain and really focus in on the sensations, you’ll often discover that the pain simply disappears. Even in cases of chronic pain.

Addictions / Habits – with your new found ability to focus and remain present, you’ll find that your mind throws less distracting thoughts your way leading to fewer triggers for your default escape route. You’ll be conscious of the point at which your mind tells you to indulge and be able to exert your control over the decision rather than acting automatically without thought.

Forgetfulness – seems to become more problematic as we get older, but by becoming mindful and present, you’ll find you might actually make it as far as the kitchen and still remember why you went there in the first place.

“Happiness is Easier than you Think – Stop Thinking and you’ll be Happy!”

Meditation Peace Happiness

How does Mat know this stuff?

Mat Robinson, also known as “The Gregarious Hermit”, was fortunate enough to be stressed beyond words. He was struggling to make ends meet running his own photography studio. Deciding whether to pay off loans, pay his mortgage or feed his family was a weekly decision and a daily worry. An insomniac by night, he would wake each morning with a sense of panic. Despite a long list of work to get through, the overwhelming conversations in his mind became paralyzing as he bounced from one urgent thing to the next.

The final straw was when he learned that his best friend had brain cancer. It just didn’t make sense. The subsequent questioning of life’s purpose and second guessing every decision he’d ever made, his mind thrashed and spiraled for answers. Eventually his mind stepped aside and Mat experienced a spontaneous spiritual awakening and ego-death.

He was left with a silent mind and an overwhelming “knowing” that everything was OK. Every cell in his body tingled with joy and peace.

The relief was instantaneous, and the next few years revealed many truths about our existence, the truth about what our mind is and how it makes us unhappy. It’s not doing anything wrong, it’s working perfectly fine, but it just doesn’t function well in our society and modern lifestyles.

Peace and a silent mind are possible. This book gives you the blueprint to achieve it.

Meditation Peace Happiness
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Meditation Peace Happiness

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