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I’m so excited to announce that my new workshop companion handbook is coming out soon. What started out as a simple companion to my “Understanding Happiness” lectures turned into something a little more substantial. It’s still short at only 80 pages, but it contains just enough detail so you can understand my theory on how our minds evolved and why they don’t work so well in our modern environment.

The theory is pretty straightforward, but you need just the right number of stepping stones to cross the river without falling in.

Below are 10 good reasons why you should get the book when it comes out. It will be priced at only $4.99 for the initial release, so get your copy at that price while it lasts.

Now Only $5.99 until the end of December 2022

Meditation Peace Happiness

Understanding Happiness Book - available on Amazon for $5.99 until the end of December 2022
Learn Mat's theory on why your mind talks to you and why it's completely safe to ignore it.
Meditation Peace Happiness

10 reasons why you should get a copy of this book about understanding happiness,
Learn to be happy by understanding why your mind makes you unhappy.
Learn techniques to observe your mind in action so you can see the stories that undermine your happiness
Learn techniques to remain in the present moment with a silent mind.
Learn how to experience unconditional love and apply it to your everyday life.
Learn to love life. Learn to love yourself
Worksheets to help you understand your own mind.
Suggested daily routine to help incorporate your new happiness skills into your daily life
Short and sweet. At only 80 pages, this is not an intimidating book. But that's what makes it powerful and practical.
Because you're worth it. Because you've struggled enough. Because you deserve to be happy.
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Meditation Peace Happiness

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