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Thanksgiving Book Deal

Print Book and Kindle eBook - Understanding Happiness Pocket Companion Workbook

FREE Kindle eBook or get50% off the Print version 2 Days Only – you can download the Kindle eBook version of “Understanding Happiness ~Pocket Companion Workbook” for FREE. Only on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 4 Days Only – you can pick up a copy of the print version of “Understanding Happiness ~Pocket Companion Workbook” …

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Spiritual Guru?

Spiritual Guru Denville NJ - Mat Robinson, The Gregarious Hermit

People ask me all kinds of spiritual questions, and while my own ego death and spontaneous awakening experience was definitely spiritual in nature, I don’t consider myself to be a spiritual guru. To me, a spiritual guru is someone who has devoted their whole life to spiritual refinement and is regarded by a larger community …

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Suburban Logging

Suburban Logging Tree Project

Getting Intimate with a TREE This is a passion project, or possibly a project based on guilt? Our neighborhood has been devastated by freak wind storms and unusual thunderstorms over the past few years. It’s wreaked havoc on the large, mature trees and has caused a lot of fear amongst the residents. On a daily …

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Winter Hiking

Harriman - Sterling Forest

Harriman State Park – Sterling Forest State Park This video is less about spirituality but more about the art of spiritual living. This is officially my first YouTube video. Hiking is a big part of my life and my connection to nature. Making the video and using my new Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal is all …

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Let “IT” Go

OK, so after a wonderful start setting up my website and getting some good feedback, I spent the rest of the week breaking it. My second blog post is already a Rant!!!Is this what the internet does to people? FRUSTRATED HERMIT I’m usually fairly good at fixing technical problems, but the more I tinkered under …

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Hello world!

Hello World. Hello Universe. So technically this is my first blog post. I have tons of ideas that will be appearing over the next few lifetimes, but for right now, lets keep it short and sweet. Hello everyone. Welcome to something exciting…….for me at least. Hope you will join me often on my journey. Ferns …

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