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Getting Intimate with a TREE

This is a passion project, or possibly a project based on guilt?

Our neighborhood has been devastated by freak wind storms and unusual thunderstorms over the past few years. It’s wreaked havoc on the large, mature trees and has caused a lot of fear amongst the residents.

On a daily basis there are tree companies taking down these gentle giants to keep the residents safe. But as each tree goes, it opens up the path for strong winds and makes the other tall trees more susceptible.

We too had a large limb from a 120 foot Tulip Poplar come crashing through our roof. This video series is my attempt to honor the tree and use it’s lumber for more than just firewood and mulch.

Please share your thoughts on what you think I should do with the lumber. Something artistic. Something creative. All ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Be kind.

Events & Workshops

August 26 – Mindfulness & Unconditional Love - Denville Senior Citizens Center
August 27 – How to Silence Your Mind

Rave about the hermit and share the joy

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