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Meditation and mindfulness are gaining mainstream popularity for a reason. Stress comes at us from many directions and at an increasingly rapid rate. As a result, our physical health suffers. And mental health is at crisis levels right now.

And students seem to be under so much pressure these days, that the lessons I teach and the tools to deal with stress are more important for this particular group than any other.

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A Happy Student Becomes a Happy Adult

After facing my own struggle with overwhelming stress, I experienced an ego death that gave me the experience of a silent mind and a completely new perspective on life. Using meditation and mindfulness to make sense of this experience, I learned how the mind works and that it’s possible for you to take back control using simple techniques that anyone can learn.

Since then, I love sharing my experience and the story of hope with others. Through a deep understanding of what the mind is doing when it talks to you, as well as giving you the tools to, not only understand why your mind is so noisy, but ultimately to be able to stop the incessant chatter. You’ll learn simple meditation techniques to relieve stress and observe the mind. You’ll learn the power of mindfulness to completely silence your mind. You’ll learn other practical tips and tricks to change your default reactions to the world around you. The experience is transformative and truly life changing.

My experience was very spiritual in nature, but I like to keep my presentations firmly in the practical benefits of meditation. Such as improved health. Better focus. Less stress and anxiety. Improved social relationships. Better conflict resolution. Less procrastination and improved decision making.

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness are huge and don’t necessarily have to take much time in people’s busy lives.

I am delivering a new presentation all about finding happiness which is a preview of the material in my upcoming book.

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