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This book is so unbelievable. In a good way. I have been working on incorporating unconditional love into my life. It’s a difficult skill to master but when I catch myself, I can feel a huge difference in my emotions. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~ MJ

Meditation Peace Happiness

I got a copy of “Understanding Happiness” through a workshop my company ran. Mat brought so much calm into the building with him. The lessons are simple. I already feel different. Much more peaceful. I am going to be buying copies of the book for all my family.

~ Allison B.

Meditation Peace Happiness

The depression workshop was perfect for me. My friend told me about it so I signed up too. I’m so glad I did. Mat explained how depression starts and how it’s not necessary. He also explained how to break the cycle which was key for me to see that. I am beyond grateful.

~ Tara

Meditation Peace Happiness

I really didn’t get the concept during the workshop. I read the book a few days later and still struggled a bit. But then, one day, I literally caught myself saying what Matt said. Since then, I can see it more and more. The info from the workshop and book are slowly changing my life day by day. I’ve meditated every day and I practice the mindfulness techniques. Unconditional love is a little more tricky. But I get it and it’s a journey I’m on right now. Thank you so much.


Meditation Peace Happiness

I’ve tried meditation on and off for years. But it never really seemed to work. Mat’s description of what meditation is and what we’re supposed to be doing changed that for me. He is kind and compassionate. He took his time to make sure I understood each part properly. It’s been a blessing meeting Mat.

~ Cassy K.

Meditation Peace Happiness

This workshop blew my mind. It changed everything for me. My head was always full of thoughts. I overthink everything. But now I realize I don’t need to. I still think a lot but now there’s also some peace in there which I notice and appreciate. Not sure about the love thing. That’s hard for me. I can’t just let stuff go when I think someone is wrong. I have to work on that more.

~ Andy

Meditation Peace Happiness

How is this not a thing already? This explanation of what the mind is doing seems so obvious. Duh. I wish they taught this in school.

~ Josh

Meditation Peace Happiness

I really enjoyed this class. Mat has a wonderful way of making people feel calm. I am definitely buying more of these books for my friends. I know more than a few people that could use this advice.

~ Kelly

Meditation Peace Happiness

I attended the workshop on depression back in June. I was in a pretty bad funk and wasn’t expecting much. But holy cow was I wrong. I’ve never heard an explanation like this. It was like he was talking directly to me. I saw my own situation in everything he said. I have a long way to go with the unconditional love part, but I’m experiencing so much more peace and happiness. What a change. I will definitely be attending the next workshop. Thank you Mat from the bottom of my heart.

~ Diana H.

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