How to be Happy NOW!

Be Happy Now! The message is clear, the techniques are simple, but mastering them takes practice.

For many people, being unhappy seems to be an ever present part of their existence. And most people have experienced unhappiness at some point in their lives.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Using 3 simple tools, Meditation, Mindfulness and Unconditional Love, you can gain insight into the nature of your mind, learn to take back control of your thoughts and prevent your mind reacting negatively by overriding that part of your mind that judges and criticizes.

Using these techniques, you will start to experience periods with a silent mind, improved focus on the present moment and an unbelievable boost to your health. All for about 10 minutes of work each day.

Meditation Peace Happiness

To Get Started – Quick Start Guides

Learn the three basic techniques. If you only want to learn one, then look at Unconditional Love.

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Meditation Peace Happiness

Go Beyond the Basics

If you want to dive deeply into each of the tools, then here are dedicated pages that discuss mindfulness, meditation and unconditional love in great detail. Here you’ll find all relevant blogs and tutorials for each subject.

Meditation Peace Happiness

More Background on Why You Experience Unhappiness

If you are interested in finding out why your mind talks to you and why you experience unhappiness, then I recommend getting yourself a copy of Mat’s book, “Understanding Happiness ~ Pocket Companion Workbook“, available on Amazon.

In there, you’ll find a wonderful description of how our minds evolved to keep us safe from danger, but how those processes no longer work so well in our modern society. Away from physical threats, but surrounded by mental threats, that trigger the same primitive responses within us.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Need a Personal Touch

You can schedule coaching sessions with Mat for a personalized, hand held walk through of the techniques, how they apply to your personal story and circumstances, or how to get beyond any blocks you’re experiencing.

Schedule a coaching session

Meditation Peace Happiness
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