Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is so powerful but is often misunderstood. It’s not about being a nice person, or going around telling everyone you love them with doey eyes and an outward expression of emotion. Unconditional love is a way to transform your inner being and silence your mind under any circumstances, filling you with an unbelievable joy that becomes ever present.

You are reprogramming that part of your mind that judges, compares and criticizes. That little voice in your head that constantly talks to you. You’re telling it, you don’t need to judge anything or anyone because you already made up your mind that you are simply going to “love everything”.

Unconditional Love - The only skill you need
Unconditional Love – The only skill you need

The health benefits of this approach are tremendous. No more adrenaline shots when you get cut off on the highway. No more conflicts with coworkers. No sadness or depression. No blaming other people for your circumstances. No reactions to internet trolls or bullies.

Instead, you fill your entire being with an unbelievable peace, and you change your body chemistry to a state that allows your body to heal and thrive. You can defeat cancer with unconditional love. It’s that powerful.

But it’s an inward state of being, not an outward expression of love. Nobody will know you’re practicing it, but everyone will notice. You don’t outwardly express love, but you carry with you an inner peace that fills the room. So, yes, changing yourself on the inside does inadvertently affect the world you see outside your body.

Unconditional Love is surprisingly easy to learn. It may take time for it to become natural and instinctive, but boy, is it worth the effort.

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Learning Unconditional Love

Here are a few unconditional love articles to get you started.

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Unconditional Love Blog Posts

Here are a few of my recent unconditional love blog posts.

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