Meditation Peace Happiness

Meditation Boot Camp

So to get things started. Here’s a link to the first installment of the “Meditation Boot Camp“. These pages will grow and evolve over time, but you can’t keep the truth hidden forever.

Meditation Peace Happiness


This is the core foundation technique to silence your mind. Meditation is the formal process of detaching from your body to you can observe and understand the mind. Mindfulness on the other hand gives you the intense focus and awareness of the present moment such that your mind is not able to label, judge or start an inner dialogue.

This is the key to silencing your mind and experiencing the world in all its beauty.

Find inner peace and true happiness through Mindfulness.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Simple Meditations

As the name implies, these are simple meditations and are good for beginners. They are also good for old timey folks who might have been meditating for years but are looking for a change and looking for something more simple.

Be careful though, “simple to do”, doesn’t necessarily mean, “easy to master”.

Click here for my favorite “Simple Meditations” – you’ll simply love them

Meditation Peace Happiness

Advanced Meditation Techniques

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced and complicated – click here to learn all about complicated meditation techniques.

Events & Workshops

December 10 – Things should be different - Understanding Happiness
December 17 – FREE - Beat the Holiday Stress - Meditation Workshop

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