Meditation is such a powerful tool in the fight against mental health.

Meditation to Dissolve the Stress – in terms of happiness, we use simple meditation to dissolve all the stress that builds up in your body throughout the day to restore your inner peace.

Meditation to Observe the Mind – on our journey towards happiness, we also use meditation as a tool to observe the nature of the mind and the origin of our thoughts.

If you’ve never meditated before, then I would suggest looking at one of my “simple meditations” to give meditation a try. Then once you decide if you want to pursue it further, I’d recommend taking the FREE, self paced, “Meditation Boot Camp” so that you learn the fundamentals before you get too far down the road.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Simple Meditations

As the name implies, these are simple meditations and are good for beginners. They are also good for old timey folks who might have been meditating for years but are looking for a change and looking for something more simple.

Be careful though, “simple to do”, doesn’t necessarily mean, “easy to master”.

Click here for my favorite “Simple Meditations” – you’ll “simply” love them

Meditation Peace Happiness

Meditation Boot Camp

So to get things started. Here’s a link to the first installment of the “Meditation Boot Camp“. These pages will grow and evolve over time, but you can’t keep the truth hidden forever.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Advanced Meditation Techniques

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced and complicated – click here to learn all about complicated meditation techniques.

Meditation Peace Happiness

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Meditation Peace Happiness
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