Meditation Boot Camp

Meditation is gaining popularity these days. And with our ever stressful lives, it seems more important now than ever before for people to incorporate some sort of meditation practice into their lives.

Meditation offers relief from the pressures of our daily struggles, doing battle with the rat race. Liberation from suffering. Sounds amazing right!

But hold on.

Before we get too excited and jump right into our first stress relieving breathing exercise, it’s important to understand the basics of meditation.

If you get the fundamentals right, you’ll find the practice much easier and are more likely to find it rewarding. Otherwise you will simply be contemplating. Daydreaming. Or worse. Sleeping. All good pastimes, but not what meditation is about.

I can’t stress this enough.

DO NOT skip these sections. You might save time reading, but you’ll waste many frustrated hours pretending to meditate.

The Gregarious Hermit – Mat Robinson

Even if you already consider yourself to be an accomplished meditator. Understanding the information in these next few pages makes meditation much more rewarding and makes a journey beyond simple relaxation into the spiritual realm more attainable.

So be patient. Sit tight and prepare to blow your own mind.

Well actually, don’t just sit there.Click here to get started

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