Winter Hiking

Harriman State Park – Sterling Forest State Park

This video is less about spirituality but more about the art of spiritual living. This is officially my first YouTube video. Hiking is a big part of my life and my connection to nature. Making the video and using my new Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal is all about having fun exploring life.

If you can survive the first 3 agonizing minutes of intro, then the rest of it gets much better.

Enjoy the video. Enjoy life.

Just as the title says. This video gives a quick overview of a wonderful little hike from Elk Pen in Harriman State Park, but heads West and goes over towards Sterling Forest State Park.

Ignore the scary sounding, ” Agony Grind”, trail feature and instead enjoy one of the least walked trails at one of the busiest hiking spots.

The video was shot using a Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal. My first time using a gimbal and first time using the Zhiyun 4. I have a lot to learn but I am well impressed with how the Zhiyun 4 improves the video footage.

Also check out the precarious river crossing over the ice covered rocks. A lot more tricky than it looks in the video, but not quite as tricky as a winter crossing in the Rockies. Still, not bad for NY though.

Also, if you stick with the video and put up with my crappy editing until the end, you’ll get a bonus walk around a beautiful meadow that lies right next to the Elk Pen parking lot. I’ve walked past it a dozen times, but never taken a stroll through it. Enjoy.

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