Thanksgiving Book Deal

Print Book and Kindle eBook - Understanding Happiness Pocket Companion Workbook

FREE Kindle eBook or get50% off the Print version 2 Days Only – you can download the Kindle eBook version of “Understanding Happiness ~Pocket Companion Workbook” for FREE. Only on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 4 Days Only – you can pick up a copy of the print version of “Understanding Happiness ~Pocket Companion Workbook” …

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Does Meditation Work?

Does meditation work

Does meditation work? Yes. Here endeth today’s lesson. Joking of course. Like many things, it’s not quite so simple. First of all. What do you mean by, “Does meditation work?” Meditation was traditionally practiced thousands of years ago to understand our place in the universe. To free ourselves from our minds. Seek liberation from suffering …

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Spiritual Guru?

Spiritual Guru Denville NJ - Mat Robinson, The Gregarious Hermit

People ask me all kinds of spiritual questions, and while my own ego death and spontaneous awakening experience was definitely spiritual in nature, I don’t consider myself to be a spiritual guru. To me, a spiritual guru is someone who has devoted their whole life to spiritual refinement and is regarded by a larger community …

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Never Get Sick

Why I Never Get Sick - power of the mind

I used to get sick every year like clockwork. Until I noticed, I was accidentally telling myself to get sick on a certain date. I was giving myself permission to do it. This article describes that journey, the observations I made in myself and others, and explains why the mind has such control over our …

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Evel Knievel & Mindfulness

Mindfulness - some sports and hobbies are inherently mindful because they require such focus

Some tasks, hobbies or sports are able to give us the experience of mindfulness without realizing it or without having to resort to a formal process. Do you think Evel Knievel was thinking about his laundry while jumping over flaming cars? Probably not. Certain situations call for such high levels of focus and attention that …

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Simple Meditation Techniques

Simple Meditation Techniques

Just wanted to give a quick update. I started adding video versions of my popular simple meditation techniques. Once I get a little more fluid with video, I’ll start to add some more variety as well as some more advanced meditation techniques. Until then, I just added the following meditations; Simple technique, with extra focus …

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Is Meditation Dangerous?

Is Meditation Dangerous - The Dangers of Meditation

In this article we ask the question, “is meditation dangerous”, and talk about some of the things to watch out for if you start meditating to solve larger life problems. Don’t worry. There’s nothing too scary but just things to be careful of. I think it’s generally recognized that meditation has some wonderful health benefits and there is nothing inherently …

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Mindfulness Walk

Meditative Nature Walk - Mindfulness Nature Walk

Mindfulness. We hear that term quite often these days. I for one am very grateful that things like meditation and mindfulness are gaining more momentum. It has tremendous benefits for all. In this short video, I take you along on a little mindfulness walk in nature. I show you what sort of things to look …

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Suburban Logging

Suburban Logging Tree Project

Getting Intimate with a TREE This is a passion project, or possibly a project based on guilt? Our neighborhood has been devastated by freak wind storms and unusual thunderstorms over the past few years. It’s wreaked havoc on the large, mature trees and has caused a lot of fear amongst the residents. On a daily …

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Winter Hiking

Harriman - Sterling Forest

Harriman State Park – Sterling Forest State Park This video is less about spirituality but more about the art of spiritual living. This is officially my first YouTube video. Hiking is a big part of my life and my connection to nature. Making the video and using my new Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal is all …

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Enlightenment Tip – Look at the Space, not the Thing

Enlightenment Tip - Look at the space

For those of you jumping into the subject of Enlightenment for the first time, simply put, Enlightenment is the point where the mind loses all control over you and you are able to use the mind like a tool rather than letting it be the master. You don’t become one with the universe, you are the universe. It’s much deeper than that, but lets keep it simple. The process usually starts with the “understanding” that you are not your body and not your mind. At first, this understanding may be completely faith based because you read it somewhere, or stumbled upon a Youtube video that sounded interesting. But through a careful process of meditation and playing games with the mind, you will experience phenomena that seem to back this claim up.

Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of gratitude

I love the basic premise of that statement. I also love that it seems to have become more mainstream whether you’re a seeker or not. Having an “attitude of gratitude” is the same as seeing the glass as being half full. Optimistic. Looking at what you have and not what you don’t. But the deeper …

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Mr. Rogers

Mr Rogers - Enlightened Master

Enlightened Master? I recently watched the Mr. Rogers movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, starring Tom Hanks. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly encourage you to break out the pop corn and fire up whatever streaming service you prefer. It is a truly remarkable movie about a wonderful human being. I’m from …

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Find Your Center

Find your center

We hear that expression a lot in yoga, meditation and spirituality. But what exactly does it mean? What is your center and how do you find it? What is your “center”? We’re not talking about your nearest holistic yoga center. We’re not talking about the center of our galaxy or the universe. We’re talking about …

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A Hungry Man Only Sees Restaurants

A hungry man only sees restaurants

If your best friend was walking down a busy street towards you, you’d be able to spot them and pick them out of the sea of faces really quickly. It’s not that you don’t identify any other people, it’s just that your mind recognizes that you’ve had past interactions with them. It has a reference point. It found them in the database. Your mind is really good at this and does it so fast, you don’t even consciously notice it. But it’s a totally passive activity. You don’t go, “I’m going to keep track how many cars I see that are like mine”. Or, “I’m going to look for my friend Bob in this crowd of people.”

Meditation Boot Camp

The boot camp is an in-depth look at meditation. Rather than just jumping right into meditation, I feel it really helps to have a good understanding of the nature of the mind and why we meditate in the first place. If you don’t fully understand the reasons why, then you will just be sitting in an uncomfortable posture with your eyes closed, wondering what’s for dinner, or when that new movie comes out.

Let “IT” Go

OK, so after a wonderful start setting up my website and getting some good feedback, I spent the rest of the week breaking it. My second blog post is already a Rant!!!Is this what the internet does to people? FRUSTRATED HERMIT I’m usually fairly good at fixing technical problems, but the more I tinkered under …

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Hello world!

Hello World. Hello Universe. So technically this is my first blog post. I have tons of ideas that will be appearing over the next few lifetimes, but for right now, lets keep it short and sweet. Hello everyone. Welcome to something exciting…….for me at least. Hope you will join me often on my journey. Ferns …

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