Is Enlightenment Still Possible? And (spoiler alert) how to attain it – August 24

Is Enlightenment Still Possible? And (spoiler alert) how to attain it - August 24


August 24    
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

You’ve all heard of enlightenment, but have you ever been curious enough to find out more about it and to see whether it’s still possible to achieve?

Join me for a really eye opening (enlightening) discussion about what it is as well as the simple steps you can take to attain it.

Is enlightenment still possible and how to achieve it

This interesting presentation explores the question, “is enlightenment still possible” in our modern times?

With so much information at our fingertips, it should be easier to learn anything these days. But, the overwhelming distractions of a fast paced modern society seem to feed our egos and strengthen our sense of self. So is it possible to break away? Is it easier or harder?

Our fast paced society with all its distractions, and stimulating man-made environments place a much higher burden on our senses and our minds. So much so, that our sense of identity is constantly being reinforced by our interactions that it makes it difficult to step away and disassociate from the “self”. But at the same time, we have easy access to so much more information than at any other time in history, which should make the process of separation easier.

So which side will win? Is it easier to attain or harder to attain enlightenment? Well, that’s up to you to decide.

During this enlightening workshop on enlightenment, Mat will break down the process and lay out the practical steps required to disconnect from your identity and experience “oneness”.

That’s the easy part.

Integrating those skills with society and avoiding the distractions that drag you back into your identity.

Now that may take a lifetime or two to master.

1-2 Hour ZOOM Workshop
Aug 24, 7:00pm Eastern

Limited to 100 attendees


Meditation Peace Happiness

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Anyone with an interest in enlightenment will find this workshop interesting and informative.

Whether you’re determined to break through the veil in this lifetime, or just have a casual interest and curiosity about it, you’ll find this presentation fun and enlightening.

No prior knowledge or experience required. Just be a human being full of wonder.

Meditation Peace Happiness

What you’ll learn by attending, “Is Enlightenment Still Possible

  • Core concept of our unified existence.
  • Connection between mind and body.
  • The different layers of awareness.
  • The notion of separation from self – what it is and what it’s not.
  • Several simple techniques to achieve separation and experience oneness.
  • Several techniques to drop the ego identity.
  • Ways to remain separated when you go back into the real world.

I’d love to be able to shave your head and give you a set of robes after this presentation, but for most people, enlightenment isn’t instantaneous. You’ll have some work to do, but at least now you’ll have the tools and knowledge to proceed confidently.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Still got questions about, “Is Enlightenment Still Possible?

If you aren’t sure if the, Is Enlightenment Still Possible, workshop is right for you, or if you have specific questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

1-2 Hour ZOOM Workshop
Aug 24, 7:00pm Eastern

Limited to 100 attendees


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