How to Use Your MIND to Heal – Aug 12 Workshop

How to Use Your MIND to Heal – Aug 12 Workshop


August 12    
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

In the same way that eating junk food puts a strain on your body and takes energy away from healing, junk thoughts also steer your emotions in a direction that take energy away from healing. How to Use Your Mind to Heal, teaches you the connections between mind and body and shows you where your mind can derail the healing process, diverting energy away from where it needs to be. Your body already knows how to heal, we just need to give it that extra boost to stack the cards in your favor.

How to use your mind to heal 2 - workshop by Mat Robinson
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The placebo effect is a scientifically observable phenomena where a strong enough belief promotes a healing affect within the body.

This master class will help you understand the connection between your mind and body. How thoughts change your body chemistry, and teach you how to take advantage of that connection to heal from within.

Our bodies already know how to heal, we just need to give them a little help.

For your body to heal, your body needs to be at peace.

In order for your body to be at peace, your mind needs to be at peace.

By changing the way you think, you can eliminate the constant trickle of stress hormones that our modern lifestyles produce, and restore your body’s natural balance, releasing endorphins and serotonin that allow it to heal naturally.

We’re going to explore your “happy place”, define your “happy place”, supercharge your “happy place”, and make your “happy place” a permanent fixture so that no matter what is going on outside your body, on the inside, you are creating such a healthy environment that you give your body the extra boost it needs to thrive.

2-3 Hour ZOOM Meeting
Aug 12, 9:00am Eastern

Limited to 20 attendees
Includes signed book
Worksheets and Guides
Intention bracelet
Personal follow up meeting


2-3 Hour ZOOM Meeting
Aug 12, 9:00am Eastern

Just the Zoom meeting


Meditation Peace Happiness

Who will benefit

Whether you’re dealing with degenerative disease, auto-immune issues, infection, chronic pain or mental health problems or addiction, the techniques presented in How to Use Your MIND to Heal will give you a big advantage in your healing journey.

The techniques are simple. Anyone can learn them and apply them to their own life.

Great for people undergoing chemotherapy, surgeries or other depleting illnesses that place a burden on the body.

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What you’ll learn from attending How to Use Your Mind to Heal

During this workshop I’ll teach you how to tap into this natural phenomena and allow your body to heal itself and fight disease.

  • You’ll learn to reprogram the negative thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back and replace them with specific emotionally based patterns of thinking that allow your body to thrive.
  • You’ll learn how to direct your energy towards healing and eliminate behaviors that undermine that.
  • You’ll learn to eliminate stress and ways to prevent it building in the first place.
  • You’ll learn the enormous power of intention, and why gratitude is so effective.
  • You’ll be able to make every place your happy place, and make every action about healing.
  • You’ll learn the critical language you should use and the words you should avoid.
  • You’ll learn to listen to the subtle sensations in your body through deep relaxation.
  • You’ll learn how, deep, conscious breathing keeps your body in a healing state.
  • We’ll use triggers and reminders to keep you focused on healing, not the illness.
Meditation Peace Happiness

What you’ll receive

How to use your mind to heal - workshop

How to Use Your Mind to Heal delivers around 2+ hours of material with plenty of time for Q&A.

Signed Book - Understanding Happiness - the pocket companion workbook

Each participant will receive a signed copy of my book, Understanding Happiness – the Pocket Companion Workbook

Supplemental healing worksheets and materials from How to Use Your Mind to Heal

You’ll have access to supplemental materials, checklists and actionable worksheets that help you develop the skills and target your specific ailments

Intention Bracelet  - choose one bracelet from 7 available colors

You’ll receive an intention bracelet to keep you focused and help you apply your new skills throughout the day. Each bracelet is hand made by me. It’s part of my mindfulness practice, and you can be certain that each bead is placed with intention and love.

Personal Follow Up Meeting with Mat to make sure you're on track with the techniques of How to Use Your MIND to Heal

Plus, one of the biggest parts of this program is that you’ll also get a personal follow-up meeting to make sure you’re on track, where you can ask questions and get targeted advice and strategies specific to your particular circumstances and lifestyle.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Still got questions

If you aren’t sure if the using your mind to heal workshop is right for you, or if you have specific questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Meditation Peace Happiness

How to Use Your Mind to Heal – Testimonials

I can’t say for certain whether these techniques worked or chemo, but they definitely helped emotionally and I think that’s good. I felt better through the process. Otherwise, Mat is so calming and took a lot of anxiety away.

~Kathy D

Thank you so much. This workshop was a blessing. I really feel like it did the trick with my eczema.

~Patricia M

This made all the difference. Lots of things changed for me. Not only my knee pain but also other issues I’d been struggling with. It’s not just positivity but reprogramming with intention. Amazingly simple.

~Stacy S

They should teach this in school. I was skeptical at first but quickly saw the benefits in all aspects of my life. I was struggling with chronic pain, but really, I was focusing on my mind. Some refocusing and the pain started to disappear fairly quickly.

~John C

Totally blown away by this. I think this was meant to help with physical illness but I’d been suffering with depression and was desperate. So I figured I’d give it a shot anyway. Mat spent a lot of time in my follow up session helping me deal with it in such a positive way. I am truly changed. Thanks Mat.

~Rob J

Regardless of where my illness takes me, I am now at peace with the journey.

~Samantha H

I’m now able to feel what’s going on in my body and that makes it easy to make the right choices to heal. It’s so simple but I never experienced anything like that. You rock.

~Josh P

2-3 Hour ZOOM Meeting
Aug 12, 9:00am Eastern

Limited to 25 attendees
Includes signed book
Worksheets & Guides
Intention bracelet
Personal follow up meeting


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