Workshop – Things should be different – Understanding Happiness

Happiness is Easier than you Think. Stop thinking and you’ll be happy!

In this workshop, you’ll learn the core principles behind Mat’s teachings. These are simple to understand, practical steps that will revolutionize your life and allow you to see happiness in every situation. Even the things you might normally see as bad.

Meditation Peace Happiness

What you’ll learn

Why your mind evolved the way it did

When you understand how your primitive mind evolved, you’ll understand every conversation you’ve ever had in your head. That makes all of the fixes so much easier. It makes meditation easier. It makes mindfulness a no-brainer.

Understand why your mind talks to you

So if we’re not born knowing how to speak or understand language, then why does your mind talk to you? I’ll teach you my simple, but radical theory about why your mind talks to you now based on our simple evolutionary past. Again, once you understand that your mind isn’t actually talking to you, you’ll find it much easier to simply ignore it.

Why modern society challenges your mind so much

Our minds evolved in a very simple environment for 100’s of thousands of years, but our society and technology really push our primitive minds to the breaking point. We might think we’re smart because we can design iPhones, but why do we still get angry when someone cuts us up on the highway. What’s smart about that 🙂

Why you absolutely should ignore your mind and why it’s safe to do so

So this basically follows on from the first 3 points above. When you understand what your mind is doing when it talks to you, you will also realize that there is literally no need to listen to or react to the conversation in your head whatsoever. I’ve been teaching my theory for a while now, and I’ve yet to meet someone who can describe a conversation in their head that they actually have to listen to.

Understanding this one key point will give your tremendous freedom from stress, anxiety and a whole host of other negative consequences of listening to and engaging with the mind.

How to physically relax to release stress

The first part of learning to meditate is all about releasing the stress from your body through simple breathing, posture and setting you your environment for success. I’ll teach you how tension is created in the body by the mind and teach you how to release it.

How to use meditation to observe your mind

Most people sit down to meditate expecting all their cares and worries to just disappear while they float weightless on a cloud, but the reality is, the mind just seems to start talking more and more, leading to frustration. Instead, I’ll teach you how to use meditation to observe the mind so you can understand it.

How mindfulness stops stress building in the first place

My favorite subject of all time. Mindfulness. This is such a powerful technique. If you slow down and practice mindfulness very deliberately, starting with small things for short periods of time, you’ll see that, you quite literally have the power to silence your mind. Just through intense focus on physical aspects of the present. Once you get really good, you’ll be able to make mindfulness and a silent mind your default way of living.

Won’t that be liberating. Getting rid of all that baggage from the past and not always wanting to be in the future to escape the present.

Observing your body chemistry

When you practice mindfulness, combined with the physical relaxation of meditation, you’ll naturally start to turn inward and you’ll start to notice some pretty interesting phenomena within the body. One of the most obvious things you’ll become aware of is your own body chemistry. You’ll observe it change as your body responds to what your mind is saying. Anger, frustration, anxiety all release a trickle of harmful chemicals into your body. You will literally feel the damage it’s doing.

On the other hand, joy, happiness, love, all feel really amazing and release wonderful hormones that create a healthy environment for your body to grow, thrive and heal. Once you experience the difference, you’ll know which one to pick.

Learn the power of unconditional love

Following on from observing your body chemistry, I’ll teach you how you can experience unconditional love. This trick will supercharge your health. I’ll give you some simple techniques to slowly make unconditional love your default way of interacting with the world. It’s not soft and mushy, but when you look for it, you’ll find it. And the more you find it, the more you’ll realize that how you view the world is how it appears. You control your perception. What a wonderful epiphany.

Why gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance are essential

These simple tools have been taught for many years. The attitude of gratitude seems to be doing the rounds right now. But when you understand from our earlier lessons, just how the mind works, you’ll see why these simple techniques how the power to silence your mind in its tracks. How can your mind complain about something or judge something if you just literally told your mind you’re ok with what is.

Learn to let go of expectations

When you let go of your expectations, you are allowing yourself to be happy no matter what happens. Things often go differently than you expected they would. Being able to let go of what you thought would happen and instead, learn to enjoy what is actually happening.

Why physical activity is so important

In order to help get you out of your mind, we need to switch your focus to physical activity. It doesn’t have to be strenuous or athletic, but just using your body instead of using your mind.

Why nature is so important

If you pay close attention to the start of my discussion, you’ll easily understand why the cluttered landscape of our living spaces, towns and cities cause great strain on our mind. They create stress. But nature has a naturally calming effect, and I’ll teach you how you can really take advantage of a simple walk and how you can use the experience to its fullest.

+ many more life changing tips

This is just scratching the surface. My presentation is packed with so many little life changing tips and strategies for understanding and taming your mind. And honestly, just understanding a single nugget has the power to start a great transformation within.

Meditation Peace Happiness

What you’ll receive

That sounds like a lot to learn in just 2 hours. But, this could be the most important investment of your life. Even learning and understanding just one of the principles has the ability to change your life and your experience of the world in exceptionally beautiful ways.

  • Each participant will receive 2 hours of live presentation by Mat.
  • With plenty of time for questions and answers.
  • You’ll receive a signed copy of Mat’s book, “Understanding Happiness”.

Remember – Happiness is easier than you think. Stop thinking and you’ll be happy.

Meditation Peace Happiness


These are some of the most common questions I get.

Why is the workshop $295 ? (Limited time $95)

Well, I guess this is the price of happiness these days. No, actually, I used to charge much less for the workshop, but so many people wouldn’t show, wouldn’t take it seriously and I realized that people seemed to value the content more and take it more seriously when I charged more. It’s like, ” what do you expect for free?” It’s not going to be very good is it 🙂

I figure, $295 attracts people that are serious about transforming their lives and finding true happiness. If you divide the cost by the number of years you have left on the planet, it’s actually a bargain. Especially when those remaining years can be spent enjoying life to the fullest and not ever getting upset when someone cuts you up on the highway.

2 Hours seems like a long time

The material usually takes about an hour to cover, but there’s usually plenty of questions and opening of hearts that need to be addressed. Believe me, 2 hours will fly by so quickly. And when I teach you how to be mindful, you’ll be so absorbed in the material that you won’t even notice the time.

Is happiness guaranteed?

The steps and techniques I present to you are incredibly simple to understand and incorporate into your daily life. But like all new skills, they will take time and practice to develop and master. This is not a comedy routine that will make you laugh out loud, but real techniques that help you understand how your mind reacts to the world and how you can simply reprogram many of its default behaviors.

So, I like to think, YES, happiness is guaranteed, but there are no shortcuts. You do have to do some work.

What if I need to cancel?

Hey, believe it or not, I’m a human being too. If you need to cancel for any reason, we can either sign you up for the next workshop or issue a full refund, no questions asked.

Meditation Peace Happiness

Go and Sign Up

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