Meditation Boot Camp – Video Series

This is a self-paced Meditation Boot Camp video series. Taught to you over two weeks of progressive, informative and short videos.

Each video can be viewed as a self contained subject, but the series does build on the information provided in the previous video.

Because the videos are short, you will probably want to skip ahead and watch all of them in one sitting. But I would highly discourage you from doing that.

You’ll probably miss an important nugget.

Instead, watch a single video. Understand it. Then sleep on it and think about the content before moving on.

Mindfulness and meditation are super simple. But people often over complicate things, or miss the fundamentals.

This series will set you up with a solid foundation on which to build a lifelong, fulfilling mindfulness meditation practice.

OK, what are you waiting for? Hit play……..oh, and don’t forget to like and subscribe šŸ™‚

Meditation Peace Happiness

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